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Mydox Resources Investment Limited was founded and Incorporated in 2007 as a Limited Liability company under the company acts law in Nigeria to provide unparalleled marketing,brokerage services and strategic business advice.

We provide sell-side advisory services to business owners, as well as buy-side target identification to private equity, corporate buyers, and high net worth individuals.

With a particular focus on the healthcare, natural resources, consumer products and packaging, business services, and other owner-operated industry segments, Mydox brings high “emotional intelligence to one of the more fundamental decisions that business owners may make – the decision to buy sells or pursue other strategic alternatives with respect to ones business. In essence, we are business brokers with a strategic skill set.

Mydox founders have the requisite industry experience, emotional intelligence, and transaction and execution experience to inform your decision to sell or buy for future growth, or to pursue growth through a defined corporate or platform development opportunity.

Mydox Resources Investment Limited has been associated, interacted and conducted business with several firms over the years and has marketed products directly as well as in the capacity of an intermediary, at different levels locally and internationally.

We are focused on enabling business owners to realize value from their business.  Our expertise allows sellers to focus on running their business and maximizing profits throughout the sales transaction, while providing buyers with opportunities to find businesses that match their buying criteria.  Whether you are selling a business or looking for the opportunity to buy a business, our Team has the tools and training needed to help you through the process from start to finish.  We understand the needs of our sellers and buyers and provide a smooth, confidential, and rewarding process for all parties.

Our business brokerage unit has the credentials and experience to successfully price, market, expertly package, advertises, and sells a business.  Mydox has over 10 years’ experience in the business of business.   The unique combination of web design, Market consulting and business brokerage has allowed us to create a business brokerage that is unmatched in the industry.

Why Should You Use a MYDOX Business Broker?

We understand you have a lot of choices to make when it comes to trusting someone to help you act as your sell and buy agent, or finding someone fully equipped to help you buy a business and effectively enter the world of business ownership.

Our reliable teams of professionals do a lot more than just bring buyers and sellers together. We are successful in pricing, packaging, marketing, selling, and getting financing for all types of businesses.

As experts in selling businesses we are able to help our clients effectively negotiate the numerous pitfalls and hurdles that can appear in any business transaction. There are several reasons for this and they revolve around our extensive knowledge and superb service.

We know from experience that over 90% of qualified buyers purchase something different than the business they first called about. That means, if you are marketing your business without the expertise we offer, your ad featuring a single business will reach less than 10% of potential buyers!

Qualifying prospective buyers is a critical step in maintaining confidentiality in the sales process and ensuring a sellers time is not wasted. We receive confidentiality agreements and personal financial information from our buyers and thoroughly interview them to ensure they are financially qualified as well as to ensure we understand their personal goals for purchasing a business product.

While our Business Brokers actually work on behalf of the seller, we also assist the buyer with the details of completing the sale. We are specialists, for instance, in helping buyers arrange financing. Since 90% of buyers are “first-timers”, this valuable service really keeps a deal on track! We strive to maintain strong strategic relationships with financial institutions, keeping them updated on the listings we have available and introducing them to our buyers.


Our Business Brokers, and their team, coordinate the closing with the lenders, creditors, attorneys, accountants, and financial planners so that there are no last minute surprises and everything goes smoothly. No other firm goes so far to ensure that deals actually close; that’s why 89% of our deals close when the industry average is less than 12%.

We understand requirements

We work precisely

We deliver best output

We provide the best service in industry

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